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Microwave Digestion

HST's Rapid Enzyme Digestion System(REDS) provides solutions for long-preparation time for enzyme digestions with innovative technology and low cost. Our state-of-the-art technology allows sample preparation to be done in 5~10 minutes.

MALDI MS Sample Preparation

HST is the leading source for single-use third party sample plates for MALDI-MS for ABSciex, Bruker, Shimadzu and JEOL instruments. μFocus MALDI targets provide precisely defined hydrophilic islands on a hydrophobic surface so that your dried drop sample spots are focused onto repeatable, defined spots. HST offers these in standard formats for Sciex, Bruker, Shimadzu and JEOL instruments, and also in 25 x 75 mm formats for any instrument that can accept that size sample plate. 25 x 75 mm format sample plates also include ITO coated glass slides for MALDI imaging, and high density arrays of μFocus spots (μArray sample plates) for high through-put work. 

We take our orders by phone or email. Please  contact us directly. Our goal is to help you be more productive in the lab, do more sophisticated experiments, and make your budget go further.


micro-focus technology

Convenience & Savings - HST's low production costs and advanced surface science let users employ dozens of high performance plates, and save money. Performance - μFocus means high s/n for low concentration samples and reproducible matrix deposition.  Productivity - More plates mean more results. Pre-spotted plates and glyco-affi MALDI plates with boronic acid functionalized surfaces get your experiment finished in less time.      

μFocus Technology

μFocus technology is at the heart of HST's product line for MALDI-TOF MS. Unique, proprietary technology produces thin, disposable/single-use stainless steel targets with hydrophilic regions on a hydrophobic surface.  The results is precise, concentrated, deposition of sample within well-formed matrix crystals. Learn more.

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